Evergreen Waters Estate (2010)

Evergreen Waters Estate (2010)

This project is a significant new residential development for Bendigo. It proposes a development site three times larger than anything yet attempted for Bendigo and balances the scale of this proposal with a desire to investigate a heightened awareness of ecology and natural history of the site. The development proposal also places equal status to pedestrian and bicycle access over conventional road and access networks.

The foundation principles governing the entire site design and urban design of the village centre is to utilise the existing pattern of vegetation and water/drainage overlays to integrate the design of development parcels and nodes within the template of ecology, drainage and existing open space.

This is radical thinking ... to allow the existing conditions to inform the entire process and maintain a sense of relevance and contact with these systems ... to instill a sense of belonging to a specific part of the narrative to Bendigo, and to live somewhere closer to the real principles of sustainability.

Key Themes

  • Building sustainable communities
  • Combining principles of landscape and residential planning
  • Diversity of housing opportunities
  • Village heart
  • Open space/recreation principles as foundation for masterplan design

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