City of Greater Bendigo Commercial Land Strategy Review (2009)

City of Greater Bendigo Commercial Land Strategy Review (2009)

Greater Bendigo is an important regional city in Victoria with a municipal population in excess of 100,000 people (2009) and a regional catchment area of approximately 230,000 people that is projected to grow to about 280,000 by 2031.

The City has maintained a consistent management framework for its activity centre system.  In 2004 Council undertook the Commercial Land Strategy to provide a policy and location framework for existing and future retail-commercial centres.  Significant growth in retail and office floorspace in the period since the Strategy has prompted a review of the original Strategy.

The review found:

  • Bendigo’s retail-commercial activity centre system is well structured and appropriate to meet the City’s growing needs;
  • additional allocations of retail and office floorspace would be required to meet long term growth needs of the City;
  • a number of sites in Greater Bendigo should have changes in zoning to facilitate policy implementation.

Key Themes

  • policy context for Greater Bendigo’s commecial land system;
  • assessment of Bendigo as a regional services city;
  • land use structure of the retail-commercial system;
  • development changes and pressures over the period 2004-2009;
  • revised retail and office floorspace requirements 2009-2021-2031;
  • policy and management issues for Council;
  • impact assessment framework focussed on net community benefit.

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