Strathdale Commercial Precinct, Bendigo (2009)

Strathdale Commercial Precinct, Bendigo (2009)

The principles involved in Strathdale were to develop a solution to a shopping centre divided by road systems, carparks and transport linkages.  

The aim was to unite these disparate elements and bring meaning to

scattered elements via a directed public walkway and boulevard treatements.

The expression of the design was to utilise the intrinsic character of Strathdale expressed in local trees and the proximity to Kennington Reservoir and to present a simplified, unified streetscape and boulevard with clear pedestrian sight lines and identification of the main shopping centre and adjacent components as a centre.

Key Themes:

  • Identification of local landscape and connection to Kennington    Reservoir
  • Boulevard treatment of main road to unify both sides of shopping precinct
  • To combine principles of landscape and residential planning
  • Diversity of housing opportunities
  • Establish and consolidate village heart
  • Open space/recreation principles as foundation for master plan design

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