Warrnambool City Centre Structure Plan (2010)

Warrnambool City Centre Structure Plan (2010)

The Warrnambool City Centre Structure Plan is directed to provide an integrated policy, physical planning and implementation document that clearly defines the intended direction, priorities and design philosophy for the long term management of the City Centre.

The challenge in Warrnambool is to develop a strategy for maintaining the intrinsic character of the city whilst allowing for opportunities for significant development of the commercial core in a manner sympathetic to culture and historical legacy.

The concepts have been developed to simplify understanding and define basic elements.

Warrnambool Elevation

Key Themes

  • Community based vision and strategic principles to develop the Structure Plan;
  • Recognition of Warrnambool’s regional role for sustained prosperity and cultural development;
  • Importance of designing the City Centre focussed on providing quality spaces and places for people;
  • Building a connected city requiring an integrated approach to quality access for a range of travel modes;
  • Recognition of the City’s built form, heritage and landscape elements that reflect its history and define it as a unique place;
  • Recognition of Warrnambool’s role as an important tourism city.

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